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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a PragmaBed and other foundations?

A quick search for "bed foundation" will turn up results for slatted bases, hollywood bed frames, platform beds, and conventional metal bed frames. Though the features and functionality vary between them, the main purpose of a good foundation is to provide support for you and your mattress. That's where we begin with each of our foundations before adding select functionality that include the quality of life features (like a foldable design, powder-coated finish, and tool-free setup) you can expect from a PragmaBed.

Can I use a box-spring anyway?

Though our foundation is designed to replace your box-spring, we understand that some mattress warranties require their use. In this case, we recommend looking into low profile foundations so that your bed is at a comfortable height after adding the mattress. Of course, always check the language in the warranty for your mattress to make sure you're not at risk of breaching the terms.

There are a lot of foundations out there, what makes yours different?

We're the original manufacturer of the very first foldable foundation. Since we made the PragmaBed Simple Base Bi-fold available in 2008, we've improved the original design and developed completely new styes based on testing and customer feedback. We've had a lot of time to get it right.

We do this because we're first and foremost a foundation manufacturer, while others primarily sell mattresses or linens. This is also why we have features and functionality not available anywhere else. We're located in Pennsylvania and our knowledgeable support team is standing by to answer any questions. Our online retailers have great return policies and we encourage you to make your own comparisons.

Where are PragmaBed foundations sold? Can I buy it directly from you?

PragmaBed foundations can be found online with a few different retailers. See the authorized retailer page for links to our products. We currently don't sell directly to consumers because partnering with established retailers with more experience in delivery and logistics allows us to spend more time doing what is most important to us: product development and customer support. However, we do work with vendors and on special projects and are open to developing new business relationships. Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to work with us.

Can I see a PragmaBed foundation in person?

Right now we're only online without a retail store or showroom location. However, our online retailers are known to be generous with returns if you are unhappy with your foundation. You can also give us a call before you make a purchase and we'll happily answer any specific questions about each foundation.

What type of mattress is recommended for a PragmaBed?

Choosing a mattress is as much personal preference as it is a science. We'll always recommend using a mattress that you love. However, we do have some suggestions for choosing a foundation based on different mattress types.

Our all-metal foundations provide a firm, flat, breathable surface that makes it ideal for use with latex or memory foam mattresses. For best results with adjustable foundations, we recommend a height between 6"-10". Any thicker and adjustment may be difficult.

For innerspring or pocket coil mattresses we suggest the wood slat version of our foundations. They have more give and will provide support that's similar to a box-spring or slatted base. Please be aware that not all innerspring or pocket coil mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases so you'll have to do a little more research to determine if they are. We're happy to help you with this, just get in touch!

How do I deal with a warranty issue?

Get in touch! Our support team will get back to you promptly. There's no need to register your warranty in advance, but we may ask you to show us proof of purchase and a photo of the issue.


Having trouble with assembly? See a visual guide or download a PDF by visiting the assembly page for each style. You can always contact us if you're still having difficulty or missing parts.