Simple Adjust Head Only Wood Slat

Download a PDF or see the assembly instructions below.

Frame assembly

Instructions for Twin Twin XL Full Queen King and Cal King sizes.

1 Rest the frame on its side, then open at an angle to keep it upright.


2 Extend the legs and secure each support arm with a wingnut. Right the frame to complete the assembly.


Connecting bolt

Join two frames together using the connecting bolt for Full Queen King and Cal King sizes.


Adjusting bracket

Use the adjusting bracket to keep frames synced during adjustment.


Frame adjustment

1 Use the mattress retainer to prevent your mattress from slipping when adjusted.


2 Do not adjust the foundation until assembly is complete. Use a handle to lift the frame until you hear an audible click as it locks into position. To reset the frame, lift it all the way up until the locking mechanism is disengaged, then lower it slowly to the starting position.