Simple Base



Small Footprint

The original foldable foundation designed to replace your traditional box-spring.

Choose from the Bi-fold, ultra-compact Quad-fold, or Bi-fold Wood Slat style for a little more give. They all come standard with the features that define a PragmaBed.


It folds small enough to fit in the trunk of the car. I recommend it to everyone especially college children.

***** from Jennifer

Lots of room under the bed! The easiest thing to put together, took like 15mins from open the box to bed ready for sleep!

***** from Jeannie D

They do not squeak or make any kind of noise whatsoever. They sort of disappear under the mattress and they just work.

***** from Simms Brooks Cate

Simple Adjust


Manually Adjustable

A manually adjustable foundation to help you find the perfect position for a good night's sleep.

Making simple changes to the way you sleep can do wonders for your overall health and well-being. Adjust up to 80° at the head and 30° at the foot to reduce pressure and clear airways to prevent snoring. Also great for reading, breakfast in bed, and binge-watching Netflix.


Doesn't shift at all, super comfortable and supportive, and my morning nausea from acid reflux is gone.

***** from Heather

The options to manually raise both head & feet with many ranges at a cost you can afford is unheard of. Love it!!

***** from Jules

This is great alternative to automatic adjustable bed frames that are so dang expensive. This works for us.

***** from JenLynn



Motorized Adjustable

A truly affordable motorized adjustable foundation.

Investing in your health is important, and sometimes a necessity. When engineering the Pragmatic foundation, we focused on the core functionality to keep the final cost as low as possible. We wanted to offer relief at the press of a button to those who need it most. Compare with other adjustable foundations and you simply won't find a better value.


We are very pleased with our purchases of two adjustable beds. The motors are so silent you hardly hear them.

***** from DomesticDiva3

Having researched many adjustable beds, for price and quality this can not be matched.

***** from Bfrenda

Bought for brother with sleep apnea and back problems. Really seems to help. Before these type beds were over $1500 each.

***** from wake99